• Saving Gas

  • Octane.. Should I use 87, 89, or 93 octane?

    Octane? Should I use 87, 89, or 93 octane in my car and what is the big difference? The very short answer to this question is to check your owner’s manual and go by what it says.

  • Are You Breaking Your Brakes?

    It is amazing that two different people could drive the same year, make, and model vehicle and get two completely different results out of their brakes. The fact of the matter is that the health and life span of your brakes and your vehicle for that matter depend solely on the person driving it. When it comes to brakes, not only your driving habits (city versus highway) affect how long your brakes will last, but how and when you apply them will determine whether you get 40k miles or even 80k mil...

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